Moving Out of State With the Children

Do you want to relocate to a new city or out of state with your minor children? Do you want to prevent your children’s custodial parent from picking up the kids and moving far away from you?

Nevada courts are seeing frequent requests to allow parents to move away with their kids, upsetting previously established custody and visitation arrangements. The family law attorneys at the Bellon Law Group in Las Vegas regularly represent parents in relocation issues.

Don’t Pack Up and Leave Without Speaking to a Lawyer First!

The custodial parent cannot relocate without first obtaining the written permission of the noncustodial parent or court order. If the other parent refuses to grant this permission, the lawyers at The Bellon Law Group can help you seek the court’s permission for the relocation.

Advocating for Relocation

As in all areas of family law, the court’s primary concern is the best interest of the children. Will the relocation mean the children will benefit from greater financial resources, live in a safer neighborhood or a better house, be closer to extended family or attend better schools? If so, the court may be inclined to grant your request for relocation

If you have primary physical custody of the children, the court is more likely to grant your request as long as you have a sensible, good-faith reason for the relocation and can present an alternative visitation plan that respects the rights of the other parent

If you do not have primary physical custody of the children, the Bellon Law Group can petition the court for a modification of your custody arrangement prior to seeking permission for relocation.

Preventing a Move Away

If you are seeking to prevent a relocation, the attorneys at the Bellon Law Group will present evidence that shows why the children would be better off staying where they are, closer to you. The move may disrupt schooling, established friendships, and connections with family members here. Relocation may involve the introduction of another person into the household, which may or may not be in the children’s best interest.

If you need a lawyer who has the strength, compassion, and experience to get results for you and your children, contact the Bellon Law Group by calling 702-452-6299 or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation about your child custody and support concerns.