Nevada is a community property state. From the day you are married until the day your divorce is final all of the property you accumulate is owned equally (50-50) by the two parties, with a few important exceptions.

The divorce and family law attorneys at the Bellon Law Group in Las Vegas, protect the financial interests of clients in divorce and legal separation. They work diligently to ensure that all marital property is divided evenly and that your separate property remains yours alone.

Separate property includes:

  • Assets that belonged to you before the marriage
  • Gifts made to you alone
  • Inheritances
  • Court awards, such as a recovery in a personal injury claim

In some instances, separate property can become community property and vice versa. The lawyers of the Bellon Law Group will review your financial situation and develop a plan to protect your assets as much as possible.

Experienced in Complex Property Division

The Bellon Law Group has represented lawyers, judges, doctors, business owners, casino executives, celebrities and many other high net-worth clients. The attorneys at the Bellon Law Group routinely handle property division for clients with complex assets, including businesses, retirement accounts, stocks and stock options, multiple pension plans and extensive real estate holdings.

The Bellon Law Group considers the impact of the current economic downturn and advises clients accordingly so they won’t be left with an asset that is unlikely to hold its value.

Debt is divided in the same manner as property. Since Nevada is a community property state, the debt accumulated from the date of your marriage to the date of your divorce is divided 50-50. Your mortgage, credit card debt and other loans will be split amongst the parties evenly.

You can rely on the experience of Attorney Peter J. Bellon, Esq.,  and Bellon Law Group for effective representation whether your marital estate is modest or worth tens of millions of dollars.

If you need a lawyer who has the strength, compassion, and experience to get results for you and your children, contact the Bellon Law Group by calling 702-452-6299 or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation about your child custody and support concerns.