An annulment is a declaration by the court that a marriage never existed. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding a marriage, you may be able to have your marriage annulled by the Nevada Courts. The family law attorneys at the Bellon Law Group have years of experience assisting clients in this area.

There are two types of annulments in Nevada: those in which the marriage is void, and those in which the marriage is voidable.

A marriage is void if it is determined that the parties are related by blood closer than second cousins, or if either party already has a husband or wife. If a marriage is void, no decree of annulment or other legal proceeding is required to dissolve it.

A voidable marriage is considered valid until it is annulled upon the request of a party having a legal ground to make the request. In Nevada, grounds to declare a marriage voidable are:

  • Lack of consent of parent or guardian for a minor less than 18 years old
  • Want of understanding
  • Fraud
  • Grounds for declaring a contract void in equity.

There is no required time limit in Nevada within which an annulment action must be brought. Additionally, if the marriage was performed in Nevada, there is no residency requirement. If the marriage was performed outside of the state of Nevada, one of the parties must be a Nevada resident for a period of at least six weeks prior to filing the action.

If your marriage is based on fraud or deception, you may want to seek an annulment rather than a divorce. An annulment makes it as though the marriage never occurred. The experienced family law attorneys at Bellon Law Group can lead you through the legal process of an annulment and provide you with trusted legal advice.

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