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These oats have a creamy texture and you can add any of your favorite flavors, add-ins, and toppings! Hands down, this dish is a winner. So instead of baking, cooking or microwaving the oats, they get soft overnight in the fridge. You won't even miss your daily muffin when you start your morning with this fruit- and chocolate-filled creation. But this version tosses a wholesome breakfast food into the mix to deliver the same comfort food feel without the guilt. 3. If youre in a rush you can shorten the soak time to 2-4 hours. At this point, dont hesitate to get super creative! I made this recipe with 100% metabolism boosting ingredients, so you can get the most of the weight loss recipe. You won't even miss your go-to sugary cereal when you start your morning with this creative play on the classic PB&J. Step 3: Stir the wet and dry ingredients together until the cashew butter is well incorporated. The best overnight oat recipe here, can be modified with the 30 overnight oatmeal toppings below. Advertisement. I love oatmeal but sometimes I just dont have time to cook it in the morning. Mix the ingredients and place into a storage container for an easy grab and go meal. Stir well so the oats are fully combined with the mix-ins. While it may seem odd to refrigerate a mix of oats, water, seeds, nut butter, dried fruit, and spices, "keeping the oats stored in the refrigerator is a critical step in keeping the food safe," says Erin DiCaprio, PhD, a food safety specialist at the University of California Davis. Spread over the overnight oats. Place the oats, milk, yogurt, salt, and honey in a glass container, jar, or cereal bowl. Get the best food tips and diet advice } Whoever said gingerbread should be reserved solely for Christmas? Option to add a sweetener of choice. All material provided atLoseWeightByEating.comis for informational purposes only, and is not to be taken as medical advice or recommendation. Are you looking for a sweet, creamy, and indulgent breakfast option that features healthy ingredients? Articles are written by food experts, chefs, home cooks, and me. LoseWeightByEating.comis committed to providing information on natural and alternative health, but is not written by health care professionals. Calories 194 per serving according to the author. Clean Green Simple is a plant-based resource for people interested in eating mindfully, living sustainably, and enjoying lifes simple pleasures. All you need to do is combine the ingredients and leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight. Not to mention, these oats are just a great easy and healthy breakfast idea in general! Overnight oats are good for your gut health. Any health concern or condition should be addressed by a doctor or other appropriate health care professional. So, I needed something a little less in calorie to start my day so I began looking for new recipes. RELATED:The Best Chocolate in Every State, According to Yelp. Add the oats chia seeds and a pinch of salt to a large mixing bowl with the yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, almond extract and cashew butter. Garnish with your favorite toppings for a flavorful combination that you will absolutely love.. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Freshly brewed java provides plenty of flavor for a negligible calorie cost, so you can go easy on the sweetener without sacrificing flavor. Waist-shrinking coconut oil, bananas, cholesterol-lowering flax, oats, and a host of delicious spices join to create this Instagram-worthy Mason jar meal. Ingredients in Weight Loss Overnight Oats (shopping list! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Get the recipe from Jeanette's Healthy Living. This post may include affiliate links. Top with almond butter and raspberries. Posted on Last updated: December 15, 2020, Overnight Oats With Protein Powder (Vegan, Gluten Free). Overnight refrigerator oatmeal Products and services By Mayo Clinic Staff Dietitian's tip: Loaded with calcium, protein and fiber, this oatmeal will keep in the fridge up to 2 days. I've published 100's of HEALTHY RECIPES and WEIGHT LOSS PLANS. The healthy and satisfying combination of rolled oats, chopped hazelnuts, apricots, and cherries will satisfy your taste buds and keep your belly from rumbling before lunchtime, too. Plus, you know, it tastes like a cinnamon roll, so you'll love this sweet breakfast idea. Secure the lid. New studies suggest that stone fruit like peaches may help ward off metabolic syndrome a name for a group of risk factors, of which belly fat is a predominant determinant, that increase the risk for obesity-related diseases including diabetes. If necessary, add a splash of almond milk to loosen the consistency, and garnish with your choice of oatmeal toppings. It brings a freshness and lightness that we all look for in a breakfast. What are you in the mood for? Yay! To make this plant based, use a yogurt substitute. The aroma of apples, brown sugar, and vanilla are sure to make waking up a little more tolerable. Yup. Like almond milk, cashew milk is low in calories. The one consistent component, which is in almost all the recipes is oatmeal. These almond milk overnight oats with berries are a refreshing and easy make-ahead breakfast. With this easy overnight oats recipe, you can prepare a nutritious breakfast with minimal effort. Chill in the refrigerator overnight, for at least 6 hours. Calorie Goal 1747 Cal 253/2000Cal left Fitness Goals: Heart Healthy Fat 61 g 6/67g left Sodium 2111 mg In a mason jar or container, combine all ingredients, cover + shake vigorously to combine or stir. For PB&J overnight oats, make the plain overnight oat base. Plus, its low in carbs and calories. I have supplied a toppings guide in the "Ingredients" section above in the article, so you can make this weigh loss overnight oats recipe countless ways. I prefer almond milk, usually vanilla. RELATED: Sign up for our newsletter for more healthy recipes and food news. It was challenging to find a low-calorie overnight-oats recipe. Made with chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin puree, and banana, these creamy low-cal oats could pass as a sinful dessert. Therefore, each of these ingredients are beneficial for our body. Next, add the maple syrup and pinch of salt if using. To serve, stir together and if needed add 1/2 tablespoon of almond milk to thin out the oats. Fill a Mason jar or small plastic or glass container with a 2:1 ratio of rolled oats* to a liquid, like nut milk or water. With 6 fat burning ingredients and less than 5 minutes to make it, youll want to have it everyday! Here's everything you'll need to make these protein-packed overnight oats: old fashioned oats - make sure you're using old fashioned oats and not quick/instant oats. It might look a bit scary, but don't let the fat count turn you away. There are so many different flavors you can make just by using this basic recipe. . Gluten-free + easily made vegan! How to Make Healthy Overnight Oats: To a glass jar or bowl add the blueberries, oats, and chia seeds. This low calorie overnight oatmeal recipe will help you lose weight fast! First, in a small bowl or 8 ounce container add the oats. Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care authority assume the liability of any injury which may occur. Just place them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and be sure to use a microwave-safe jar. Almond Butter Overnight Oats With Honey and Banana Recipe Here from Laura Fuentes Ingredients / Calories 2-4 teaspoons honey 2 teaspoons ground flax 2 cups old-fashioned oats 3 cups unsweetened almond milk 4 tablespoons almond butter 2 bananas, divided 339 Calories per serving Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats If you're looking for a low-effort breakfast that's extremely healthy and can even help you lose weight, you've found your solution with overnight oats. Make sure to tag your recreations: #eatingbirdfood. You might be wondering: "Why do I have to refrigerate overnight oats if I used all non-perishable foods to make them?". We used mixed berries that were frozen and thawed (which created a syrup-y juice that added a pop of color) along with sliced bananas, hemp seeds, and coconut flakes. A delicious way to start any day! As the oats sit in it overnight, they transform from a somewhat flavorless carb into a chocolatey sensation worth waking up for. However, together with the other ingredients, namely chia seeds, honey, almond butter, fig and cherries, these overnight oats are super healthy, filling and very easy to make. RELATED:50 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes You Shouldn't Live Without. This blog is amazing because it teaches you how to make the base for overnight oats as a low-calorie breakfast and then shows nine variations, which are Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Banana Walnut Oatmeal, Almond Joy Oatmeal, Strawberry Oatmeal, Carrot Cake Oatmeal Blueberry Vanilla Almond Butter Oatmeal, Peanut Butter & Jelly Oatmeal, Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal, and Keto/Low-Carb Oatmeal, Ingredients for Base for Low-Calories Overnight Oats. As with normal oatmeal, anything goes when it comes to toppings. All Rights Reserved. Learn how your comment data is processed. Quaker Overnight Oats With Almond Milk Serving Size: 1 cup raw 253 Cal 64% 55g Carbs 16% 6g Fat 21% 18g Protein Track macros, calories, and more with MyFitnessPal. 1/2 cup (heaping) rolled oats; 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (see notes) 1 tablespoon chia seeds or ground flaxmeal . Read . For a filling and nutritious breakfast, try these overnight oats with almond milk. Feel free to double, triple or quadruple this recipe for the week on Sunday so you have an easy and healthy breakfast ready to go throughout the week! You won't even miss the added sugar, thanks to the addition of fresh sweet cherries and creamy almond butter, a top source of healthy fat and protein. It is a little spicy, but our family enjoys it this way. Apple Cinnamon Low-Calorie Overnight Oats, Almond Butter Overnight Oats With Honey and Banana, Healthy, easy Low-Calorie Overnight Oats Recipe, 9 Health Benefits Of Eating Oats and Oatmeal. Pre pandemic/working from home years, I put it in a disposable coffee mug and heated it up in the microwave at work. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest recipes and articles delievered to your inbox! Be sure to store the overnight oats in the refrigerator at your final destination. This dish is filling and satisfying, and it will help you reach your daily calorie goals. Stir until well combined. It has 6 fat burning ingredients that will help raise your metabolism and burn fat fast! Low-calorie overnight oats are amazing. Customize with your favorite toppings: Add your favorite toppings or fresh fruit and enjoy! Garnish with your favorite toppings and dig in! fruits, nuts, and coconut flakes for topping. Step 2: Add in the non-dairy milk, cashew butter and maple syrup. Not us! Stir to combine. White chocolate and raspberry overnight oats is a semi sweet treat wrapped into a wholesome and hearty meal. And it's under 200 calories per serving! Not only will this streusel-inspired dish make your taste buds sing, but it will also help you lose weight. But I wanted to leave enough calories for you to enjoy your coffee or add in some of the protein boosts you can find in the Ingredient Section above. Thanks for sharing. You may also notice that the liquid separates from the oats. Hey there, Im Brittany, the creator of Eating Bird Food, holistic nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer. Vegan, gluten free and kid friendly too! With just 15 grams of sugar per serving, this "brownie" may be one of the best bets for your breakfast bowlespecially if you're craving something that's both sweet and satiating. However, there is no correlation between what time is best to eat oatmeal for weight loss. Plus, thanks to the fiber-rich oats, this no-fuss recipe will keep you full for a long time. Author: The Diet Chef. One serving of this overnight oatmeal for weight gain has 732 calories, 80.5 grams net carbs, and 27.2 grams protein. Making overnight oatmeal is easy and can be broken down in a few, simple steps. The Best Overnight Oats with Greek Yogurt! Nutrition Facts 3/4 cup: 276 calories, 4g fat (0 saturated fat), 0 cholesterol, 306mg sodium, 57g carbohydrate (35g . Overnight oats are always my favorite. Place any leftovers in an airtight container or cover jar with lid and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Combine ingredients: Place all ingredients into a large glass container, two small bowls, or small jars and mix until combined. Make your own cashew milk at home by soaking raw cashews in water overnight, then blending them into milk in your blender with a few added cups of water. You can play around and come up with your own favorite recipes. Thanks to this tropical-inspired recipe, the kiwian underutilized flat-belly fruitfinally gets its chance to shine! Sweet blueberries and crunchy almonds is a perfect pairing. Thus, you must be looking for something easy to cook and convenient. From there, you can add whatever toppings you prefer (more on those below). This blueberry overnight oats recipe includes, besides oats and blueberries, Greek yogurt, almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, maple syrup, walnuts and chia seeds. Give your mix a stir, and throw it in the refrigerator to let it soak overnight (7-8 hours). Ingredients for Base for Low-Calories Overnight Oats 1/2 cup rolled oats gluten free as needed 2/3 - 3/4 cup almond milk or your favorite milk (for a non-vegan version - you can add half milk and half Greek yogurt for creaminess as well) 2 teaspoons chia seeds 180 Calories Per Serving Low-Calorie Breakfast Overnight Oats are easiest to make because they are no-cook breakfast. With 10 grams of fiber, it's sure to tide you over until lunch. Oats, almond milk, vanilla extract, and healthy mix-ins like fruit and coconut flakes join to create this high-fiber, vegan-friendly breakfast. The decadent jam adds just the right amount of sweetness to the no cook oatmeal. Cacao powder, berries, coconut and banana join together to create a dish that only tastes indulgent. Its creamy but healthy and full of lots of lovely flavors. https://www.eatingbirdfood.com/web-stories/low-calorie-overnight-oats/. My name is Joshua. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'loseweightbyeating_com-box-4','ezslot_11',107,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-loseweightbyeating_com-box-4-0'); This healthy overnight oats recipe takes just 5 minutes (or less) to make, and has virtually no clean up! Then, stir in the liquid ingredients: vanilla, almond milk, and plant-based yogurt. Bet you never thought to cook the apples before popping them in your oats recipes to sit overnight. In reality, whole grain oats are a fiber rich food that helps you feel full and reduce hunger cravings. Prep Time 10 minutes Total Time 10 minutes Yield 1 serving Print Recipe Pin This Ingredients: 1/2 cup old fashioned oats (certified GF if needed) 1 tablespoon ground flax 3/4 cup almond milk (or dairy milk if preferred) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Protein: 20 grams . The powdered tea is loaded with EGCG, a compound that simultaneously boosts lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and blocks adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells). Strawberry and chocolate can turn the bland overnight oats into an absolutely magical experience. Overnight Oats are one of my favorite breakfast options whether I am trying to loose a few pounds or maintain my weight, I can always find a delicious option that will keep me full all morning. Refrigerate overnight. *NOTE: You can also use instant oats instead of rolled oats. I know theyre called overnight oats but you actually just need to soak oats for a few hours. A beautiful way to brighten up the mornings. We recommend eating overnight oats in 2 days for optimal flavor and texture. Overnight Oats Without Yogurt (Vegan, Gluten Free), Benefits of Overnight Oats vs Cooked Oats. Unlike the majority of recipes on this list that sit in the fridge overnight, the flavors in this dish fuse in a slow cooker as you snooze. Healthy Overnight Oatmeal Amount Per Serving Calories 207 Calories from Fat 54 % Daily Value* Fat 6g 9% Sodium 167mg 7% Potassium 165mg 5% Carbohydrates 32g 11% Fiber 6g 25% Sugar 12g 13% Protein 5g 10% Vitamin C 0.2mg 0% Calcium 258mg 26% Iron 1.8mg 10% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Check. The taste was amazing! The ready to eat meal prep is perfect for breakfast or even eaten as an afternoon snack. Overnight oats are great formeal prep. Join for free! My skinny overnight oats recipe. Seal the lid on the container. I am excited to hear that you are loving this recipe, Maria. The next morning (or when ready to eat), remove lid and give oats a stir. When stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator overnight oats should last for up to 5 days. Keyword: overnight oats, overnight oats with almond milk Prep Time: 5 minutes Chill Time: 6 hours Total Time: 6 hours 5 minutes Servings: 1 Calories: 332kcal Author: Kirsten Nunez, MS Ingredients cup quick oats 1 cup almond milk or other non-dairy milk 1 tablespoon chia seeds optional 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon maple syrup Toppings Persimmon, pumpkin, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. On top of that, it features an amazing nutty and sweet flavor many people thoroughly enjoy. This recipe comes from one of my favorite food bloggers. 14. You actually dont! This recipe is packed with healthy fats from nuts and flax seeds that will help you sail through the morning without hitting up the pastries in the break room. Nutrition Serving Size: 1 Calories: 341 Sugar: 15 g Sodium: 114 mg Fat: 14 g Saturated Fat: 1 g Carbohydrates: 47 g Fiber: 8 g Protein: 9 g Cholesterol: 0 mg Keywords: overnight oatmeal, protein overnight oats, overnight oats chia Did you make this recipe? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Not only have they started popping up in coffee shops and smoothie bars recently . It's a fun way to use fruit beyond strawberries and blueberries in your overnight oats. In a medium-sized bowl, stir together the oats, yogurt, milk, syrup, lemon zest, and poppy seeds. Overnight Oats are not only quick and easy to make, they can be made in a variety of ways. If you make this recipe, please let me know how it turned out and leave a star rating in the recipe card! Cooked oatmeal, on the other hand, only contains 0.3 grams of resistant starch. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. There is one more strong reason Ill definitely suggest you try having this recipe at least once. So feel free to have 2 servings, double the amount of berries, or try one of the protein boosts above. Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. Oat milk and almond milk are two popular plant-based beverages often featured in dairy-free drinks and desserts. The information and opinions found on this website are written based on the best data available at the time of writing, and are believed to be accurate according to the best discernment of the authors. thanks . Store in refrigerator for a minimum of 6-8 hours. And it's easy to make. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. RELATED:One Major Effect of Eating Pears, Says Dietitian. Overnight oats are a great source of many nutrients. 21 Healthy Vegan Overnight Oats Recipes Under 400 Calories 1. Overnight oats in a jar with frozen berries is all you need to start your day! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. All you will have to do is follow my recipe guidelines and you are ready to serve the table with amazingly nutritious and extremely healthy breakfast preparation. You can throw in some seeds, add-ins like protein powder or Greek yogurt, flavorings, fruit, and other ingredients. Thank you for your support. When you wake up you'll have a scrumptious breakfast waiting . This website is full of easy recipes and practical tips you could do with oats and oatmeal. 35 ratings 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Step 2: Add the vanilla and almond milk and stir. They are made the night before, they are delicious, and they can be made so many different ways. If you dont have a container, use a drinking glass with foil or beeswax wrap, along with a rubber band. At just 250 calories, this rum-spiked dish is one fiesta-inspired meal we can get behind. ), 4-5dropsNuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia,or your favorite sweetener, cupold fashioned rolled oats,you can also use gluten free oats. 2022 Lose Weight by Eating. They will soften more the longer they sit so I find theyre best on days 1-3, but theyre still safe to eat on days 4 and 5. 15. In a pint-size (16 oz) mason jar (or another air-tight container), combine the oats, almond milk, protein powder, honey, and vanilla extract. Dana has written for Women's Health, Prevention, Reader's Digest, and countless other publications. This recipe combines the health benefits of oats as well as almond milk.

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