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Click Here to hear the song and see some stills from the film. It's a movie that I have never forgotten. The $11 million PG-rated Big Wednesday was the only Hollywood movie of its kind in the '70s. Copyright 20102023, The Conversation US, Inc. Although not a veteran himself, Milius is a war and weapons enthusiast, serving for six years on the board of gun advocacy group the NRA. Here well present a miscellany of facts, trivia and anecdotes from behind the scenes on Big Wednesday. Thats not enough. I tore up your lawn with my '40 Ford Matt Johnson: Took my pants off in front of your friends Matt Johnson: And I even passed out in your closet, but I never, and I don't know who could have if I didn't, but I never, and I repeat never, ever pissed in your steam iron. Most of the shots of Gary Busey paddling out are me, so I kind of have a lot of those stunt double pieces. No Hype.No Sponsors. Finally, a nice shot of Denny Aaberg, co-writer of the film, enjoying the fruits of his labor. Browse the full lineup and get your ticket here.Or, subscribe to Wavelength now to get free entry to a screening of your choice.] You know theyve got craft services there so you can go to the catering truck and order anything you want. We were outlaws, juvenile delinquents, anarchists and rascals. Senior Lecturer, Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington. When it comes to authentic depictions of a surfing life, few Holywood films hold a candle to 78 cult classic Big Wednesday. At some point, Lance bailed. "What I've got to watch out for is getting lost in the surf again," said Milius during filming. "[23], The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports a 67% approval rating, based on 12 reviews, with a weighted average of 6.50/10. "[15], Milius invented the Bear brand of surfboard as a fictional brand to be used in the movie,[16] and even had surfboards made and arranged for a Californian designer to create a logo. P.S. He didnt really surf, where as Jean Micheal and Billy were reasonable surfers, so they were down there to have fun, hang out and shoot as many scenes as possible. The prevailing wind is offshore, summertime theres swells. So wed gone from death threats in 76 to having them protect us in the water the following winter. Browse the full lineup and get your ticket here. In a 1976 interview, when he was still at the beginning of his career, Milius claimed that my religion is surfing. ''); That completely changed his mind, because here was a day when the surf was barely breaking and he almost dies, and were out there on big days. Together with percussionist Sam Adams, they are the Saltwater Cowboys and play gigs on a regular basis. Those [guerrillas] looked at him and absolutely freaked. Click here to buy a ticket, or subscribe now for free entry. HD. ()100% The surfers and stunt doubles with director John Milius. At some point, old cars were placed on the beach by ranchers to try to keep the surfers out. Then in 77, they were getting paid, so we were cordial. The three make the difficult transition to adulthood with parties, surf trips, marriage, and the war. Browse the full lineup and get your ticket here. According to surf journalist Paul Gross, hard-core surfers found the film too cheesy. The film is set in California between 1962 and 1974 and follows the lives of three surfers: Matt Johnson (Jan-Michael Vincent), a self-destructive local surf star, and his two best friends, Leroy The Masochist Smith (Gary Busey) and Jack Barlowe (William Katt). fbq('track', 'PageView'); Copyright 2020 Surfing.LA. WL: Can you tell me about getting the call up to double for Busey? "[12], When I did Big Wednesday my first impressions were that I was going to do this coming-of-age story with Arthurian overtones about surfers that nobody took seriously, their troubled lives made larger than life by their experience with the sea. ), For starters, it was only decided that the tour was a tour halfway through the year, with a few events from the dozens of surfing comps that had already taken place around the world chosen retrospectively as the opening leg. He flew to Hollywood and headed straight for Warner Brothers studios, where he happened to pull up a chair alongside another of the films stars, Billy Kat. And we knew how good we had it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It was written by John Milius and Dennis Aaberg, who met hanging on the beach at Malibu in the late 50s, alongside characters like Miki Dora and Lance Carson. "And I can tell you, it's so hard, no one will ever make it again. WL: Tell me about the filming of the final sequence? After that whole period in El Salvador, they wanted to do some shots in California so they set up at Bixby Ranch to get that really sparkling California look. In Milius film, the surfers are the last true American pioneers whose courage and heroism are forged by their ability to live at the intersection between nature and culture. Big Wednesday is the opposite of all those "beach party" movies of the early 1960's; it takes surfing as seriously as the surfers themselves. (as Karen Rea Grossman) Surf star Gerry Lopez, who would. Denny can be seen above in the green shorts and thats Ian Cairns in the yellow trunks. "[22], The staff at Variety wrote, "A rubber stamp wouldn't do for John Milius. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS:MOVIECLIPS: \u0026 Film Festivals: Central: Trailers: Trailers: News: Games: FrontRunners: US UP:Facebook: Originally Milius envisioned the story as a novel and he included the treatment in a letter, entitled We were gods, to literary agent Lynn Nesbit. IC: Well in May we were in El Salvador, in the summertime, from August to September we were in the Ranch, then we did surf the winter events on the North Shore. Back then they built the whole Hollywood wall set and we were staying in this country town called Lompoc, which is just north of the Ranch, in the middle of farmland, with all the actors and crew. However, the rapid commodification of surfing culture that occurred during the late 1970s and 1980s made Big Wednesdays nostalgic celebration of a pure surfing culture relevant again. Director Bruce Brown Writers Bruce Brown Dana Brown Stars Patrick O'Connell Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington, Te Herenga WakaVictoria University of Wellington, Between the Lines: Surfers during the Vietnam War. Official Sites I dug a Yater spoon out of David Adornettos back yard and used it as my longboard, though we also brought our shortboards. And thats what the movie is. "Big Wednesday" started as a novel written by John Milius and Denny Aaberg and was initially published in 1978 by Bantam Books. Big Wednesday (1978) - Summer Surfing Scene (2/10) | Movieclips Movieclips 58.5M subscribers Subscribe 142 Share 28K views 4 years ago Big Wednesday - Summer Surfing: Leroy (Gary Busey),. The points were aggregated, and surfers were informed of their standing, as well as of the remaining competitions that would constitute the second half of the tour. Billy Hamilton, above, was the double for Jan Michael Vincent. Working on big Wednesday in 77, we earned 50 grand. Categories . Apple Computers was founded, NASA unveiled its first space shuttle, Concorde took its maiden commercial flight and, of equally critical importance, surfing had its very first crack at a joined-up international contest circuit. It made only US$4.5 million (half of its original budget) at the box office. Ahead of our upcoming screening, we dived deep into some of the backstories behind the production, exploring the writers, actors, surfers and lensmen who brought it to life. Heres a good one from Paul Baragona. It combines brilliantly heart gripping surfing action, heart wrenching emotions, and heart uplifting humour, all set against the back-drop of the Vietnam War, teenagers growing up, the wisdom of elders (Bear) and of course, the surfing. Of course, thats where you get all the stuff from Sunset that wraps up the movie. Another luminary brought in for this film was none other than Gerry Lopez. When Milius saw them sat next to each other, he couldnt believe the likeness, immediately switching PTs role to that of Kats double instead. You had to have permission from the director, John Milius [to paddle out]. And just like the legendary surfing movie Big Wednesday, the massive swell pulled in on a Wednesday (19 January 2022). That completely changed his mind, because here was a day when the surf was barely breaking and he almost dies, and were out there on big days. The opening and closing sequences of Big Wednesday feature the three protagonists walking through the ruins of a decaying portico like kings of an ancient civilisation where traditional values such as heroism, courage and loyalty are still upheld. We were allowed to be out surfing all the time and Cojo is pretty nice its a bit like Little Rincon at Bells. big wednesday stunt surfers. WL: And then you all jetted off to Hawaii. It was work that you got to have fun and got paid for, which was rare back then., Being a lifelong surfer himself, Jan-Michael Vincent had no trouble pulling off an authentic-looking knee paddle. You can see the wave all over Instagram today, with all the surf teams there. Tell me about your experience at the Ranch? Surf star Gerry Lopez, who would later appear as an actor in other films directed by Milius, played himself in the last sequence of the film. Surf is a reoccurring trope in Milius work. Great feature on Big Wednesday. With our encyclopedic knowledge of the worlds waves, we decided there were a couple of surf points we could use there, Milius recalls in an interview with Sports Illustrated. [17][18][19], The film premiered in wide release in the United States on May 26, 1978.[20]. In early 77, the points were counted and Peter Townend emerged as the first-ever winner, with fellow Bronzed Aussie Ian Cairns taking the runner up spot. Also starring Jan-Michael Vincent ("The Winds of War"), real- life mother and son Barbara Hale . WL: Tell me about the filming of the final sequence? For those of you that dont know about George Greenough, you should learn. WL: So it was year two of the new IPS tour, and you were defending a runner up spot, did all that filming not get in the way of competing? The surfing scenes used in the finale to Big Wednesday were not filmed in California, where the film is set, but at Sunset Beach in Pupukea, Hawaii. "Surfing was a brand new sport with its own aristocracy. Ian Cairns, shown above, was the surf double for Gary Busey. Set in Malibu over a twelve-year period between 61 and 74, it centres on three friends Jack, Leroy and Matt following them from their hedonistic youthful days, surfing, partying and talking with their fists, through their transition to adulthood in the shadow of the Vietnam War. Some say the best surf movie Hollywood has made yet! Next day, the cars had new (old) license plates. Shop Now , Home Behind The Scenes On Big Wednesday: Tales From The Set With Stunt Double Ian Cairns, [The Wavelength Drive-In Cinema is back for 2021, bringing you a range of surf cinema, cult classics and family favourites from the clifftops of Cornwall, kicking off with Surfs Up and Big Wednesday on Friday 16th July. That experience working on Big Wednesday was kind of how I hoped pro surfing would be. And Denny should know, he co-wrote the film with the director John Milius! [The Wavelength Drive-In Cinema is back for 2021, bringing you a range of surf cinema, cult classics and family favourites from the clifftops of Cornwall, kicking off with Surf's Up and Big Wednesday on Friday 16th July. Conceived by Randy Rarrick and Fred Hemmings, The IPS, as it was known, was a little haphazard during that first foray according to those in attendance (or chaos if a certain wounded winged Novocastrian is to be believed. Remick says this was typical Greenough attire; barefoot, jeans, sweatshirt and self cut hair. We were samurai. It was a lot of money. Big Wednesday Jump to Edit Summaries The lives of some California surfers from the early 1960s to the 1970s. When we saw these photos, we contacted surf legend Denny Aaberg to give us some more insight. You just get treated like a king, youre part of the crew, hanging out with the actors, writers and directors. (1) Peter Townend and actor William Katt. Last accessed: December 1, 2009. Did working with them that winter help smooth things over a bit? Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, executive in charge of production (uncredited), second assistant director trainee (uncredited), sound effects editor (as Joe von Stroheim), stairs fall double for Geoff Parks (uncredited) / stunt coordinator (uncredited), camera operator: special water photography, wardrobe supervisor: women (as Ann Lambert), wardrobe supervisor: men (as Bill Minton Jr.), music consultant (uncredited) / musician: violin (uncredited), surfing photography consultant (as Roger Brown). "[7], Anthea Sylbert was an executive at Warners at the time. Big Wednesday is a 1978 American coming of age film about California surfers facing life, the Vietnam War, and use of the ever-changing surf as a metaphor for the changes in life.. Recently, we called him up at home in Laguna Beach to see what he could remember from his time working on the film. Browse the full lineup and get your ticket here. Hes riding one of the prop longboards made for the film. [24], Milius later said the film was "sort of a numb spot in my life. Free Delivery on all Orders Over 80. But to be perfectly candid my interest in competing on the tour dramatically diminished, because I realised there was another world out there. Here hes getting pulled behind a boat, probably just killing time between takes. You just get treated like a king, youre part of the crew, hanging out with the actors, writers and directors. and nothing that happens after will ever be the same. | !function(f,b,e,v,n,t,s) The film makers had what they refer to as a cattle call up at the Riviera theater to select the lucky folks. The lives of some California surfers from the early 1960s to the 1970s. Los Angeles Times 21 August 1977: n7. Nineteen seventy-six was a big year for innovation. The idea of the ocean as the new Far West is reinforced by the films references to Milius favourite Westerns, including The Wild Bunch (the scene in which four characters walk to the draft office) and The Searchers (Hank Worden, the actor who played Mose Harper in Fords classic was cast as one of the secondary characters in Big Wednesday). Similarly, most of the sequences of the film, including the iconic Vietnam draft dodging scene and the trip to Mexico, were based on the filmmakers own real-life experiences. was also an Aussie surf legend and was the first professional world champion. The brand morphed into an actual successful company after the release of the movie, producing hundreds of boards, and is still active today, with various people producing Bear-branded boards in different countries.

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